My new book!!

Here are some sneak peeks of Young Henry and the Dragon, a children's book that I illustrated last year, written by Jeanna Kaufman and published by Shenanigan Books. It is available now! If you click here you can see more information on Amazon.

aron steinke's new book

These are a few excerpts from the new comic book Aron Steinke is planning on publishing soon, Big Plans number 5. It's going to be a whoppong 100+ page comic. It looks super fun. He's put out a bunch of comics over the years and a magical kid's book called The Super Crazy Cat Dance.

Anyhow, he's doing a kickstarter to help fund the printing of this new issue of Big Plans so I thought I'd post a link here so folks can pre-order a copy or donate more and get all kinds of other goodies as thanks for your support.

new crazy big screenprint!

click on the image above to see a bigger version

animalsleep silkscreens dress sets of 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'


3 animalsleep screenprints were used as set dressing for the new film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, (starring Tom Hanks), which will be coming out later this year. This photo was released as the first sneak peak of the film. You can see my moon phases silkscreen hanging on the left side of the room. pretty neat-o!

here's the piece moon phases they used in this scene