amazing Gridlords night!

Last night the monthly Gridlords event happened bigger and crazier than ever at the Hollywood theater in portland, OR and it was amazing! I had a front row seat and took tons of photos that I want to share with everyone. Sorry about some of the fuzzy shots, I didn't want to use a flash. The flat images are shots of the movie screen as animations were playing.

Eamon Espey and Lisa Krause put on an amazing multifaceted puppet show version of Eamon Espey's comic Ishi's Brain. I interviewed Eamon for Gridlords and you can read the interview by clicking here. There were masks, shadow puppets, live music making, moving components in the set, and Lisa's wonderful marionette work with the Ishi puppet in the top photo.

Lori D. debuted her animation called the Records Keeper. It was really beautiful! You can see her paintings and more by clicking here. The animation reel on her website is super fun.

I wish the photo had come out better. It was a still shot of Stephan Gruber's brand new animation called  Edible Rocks. I highly recommend exploring his website full of mystical wiggling images that will fill you with joy! Click here to get magical.

Here are 2 pics from Wee Wee Attractors by Leif Goldberg and Ursa Goldenrose. This was a fun and frenzied collaboration of animated drawings by a grown up (Leif) and a little girl (Ursa). You can see a few more fo Leif's videos by clicking here.

Here are 2 shots of Lilli Carre's beautiful Like a Lantern animation. This piece was so rich and wandered through a poem of words and moving pictures. The whole animation had this soft texture, like the images were etchings, it was really captivating. She has some really great excerpts from her animations (and there are a bunch!) on her website, click here to check those out.

Marsuplala, a collaborative project between artists Wally C. and Alex Chiu, put on a great show with animation, stage sets, huge costumes, eye ball balloons, audience participation (I ended up dancing on stage wearing giant cardboard muscle arms), video and original music. I wish I could have gotten a less blurry photo of Wally's costume, he had on giant arms but you can see better photos of that on their crazy dance-a-thonic website! Click here to check out Marsuplala!

taurus constellation

my 3rd piece for the taurus group show opening in may on first thursday at sohitek gallery in portland, or

journey to unknown places

my second piece for the taurus show,

this one came out pretty strange!

the kidnapping of Europa

This piece is for the Taurus show opening first thursday this May at SoHitek gallery in Portland, OR

long arm bunny

jello party silkscreen

Finished this new silkscreen last week, I thought it came out pretty fun.
You can see more info on it by clicking here.

asteroid landing silkscreen

One of 3 new silkscreens I finished last month. You can see it on my website by clicking here.

alchemical drawings

Doing some research for the new comic I've been working on...

welcome to the land of dance!

This is the funnest silkscreen I've made all year. 
My scanner doesn't see fluorescents so I had to add the pinks in with
photoshop, the actual print is much brighter and softer in the clouds.
You can see more info and close-ups of the print by clicking here.

lynx print!

I made this silkscreen in february. then in march on a roadtrip I saw a real lynx crossing the street. It was like a fluffy camouflaged grey pillow with great big awkward teenage frets and a funny crooked walk. But it had no tail! I'm going to have to edit this print next time I print it and take his big tail out.

You can see more info on this print by clicking here.

fancy meeting you here...

this is a piece I made for the valentines day themed show at craftland in providence, RI this february.