bat piece for the cave show at the everett st. lofts in portland

i made this preliminary drawing before i made the final painting

newish silkscreen: lantern fish!

actually i made this last fall but it took me until march to scan it and post it on my website here. It's the 2nd 11 color silkscreen i made in 2012. 

cat drawing

I'm not afraid of love mini comic anthology

I made this drawing of 2 dancers for Sean Christensen's I'm not Afraid of Love anthology. You can see the last page of Sean's awsome comic on the left. The anthology is full of beautiful, weird romance comics and art. It will be available though sparkplug comics soon but for now you can get more info on the Gridlords tumbler and you can order one by contacting sean.

a comic panel...

cartoonist and creator of the unsinkable walker bean comic, 
aaron renier is putting together a crazy endless collaborative web comic
that will be online some time soon. this is one of 3 panels I drew for it.

some funny old drawings i found

These are probably 5 or 6 years old. i don't know why but they made me laugh...

cat wizard silkscreen!

It took me a while to scan and upload this 11 color silkscreen from last October onto my website, but it's finally up here on my website.

bat creatures?

I went on a weird cat/bat creature binge 2 weeks ago...

new piece in progress

this is a drawing I've been working on for a new silkscreen.
It's going to be 7 colors of extraterrestrial space magic.

home sweet home silkscreen

another new print, made in february

you can see more info by clicking here!

newest screenprint

more info on the lioness is available here.