working on a series of astrology silkscreens, this is the crab for the sign cancer.

painting fro solo show at Wonderfair

wonderfair, Lawrence, KS, later this september

new painting

 working on paintings for my upcoming solo show in Wonderfair, in Lawrence, KS this september and october.

newish watercolor

this is the drawing I based the silkscreen below on

new silkscreen

you can see more info by clicking here

2013 silkscreen

finally posted this silkscreen onto my website!

reprinted some dancing animals

with the help of my little assistant...

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altered my painting a tiny bit

Officially completed version!

painting for my upcoming solo show

working on an upcoming solo show at Wonderfair in Lawrence, Kansas this september.

silkscreen from last fall

ghost hand stand!

click here for more info

lets dance

messing around with some dance photos!

self portrait as a troll-witch

my halloween costume last year except for the cane and rad shoes.